Hey its Megan!




I’m the creator & owner of Masters Bolt, a health & fitness brand and protein bar company that I started in 2019.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who aims to help people develop a fun & healthy relationship with their selves and their bodies. My goal is to inspire as many people as I can to master their own version of what a healthy lifestyle looks like them.

The name of my brand is based off of my last name "Masters," and I've always loved lightning bolts because they're strong, radiant and energetic. So I put the two together and created my company name, Masters Bolt! 


Within the past decade, I struggled with finding positivity, body image, frequent anxiety, some bullying, and other major insecurity issues that took over my life. It not only negatively affected me, but my social relationships as well. Now after years of experimenting different types of eating, working out, healthy mindset and spiritual habits, I’ve found what works extremely well for me and it keeps me motivated to maintain my own version of a healthy lifestyle. I still sometimes have moments when I’m feeling down or facing difficulties but hey, I’m human. I’ve just figured out how to move past those moments, incorporate my healthy habits and get back to reality.


I've been active my whole life from being a competitive soccer player for about 15 years, and always doing lots of running, hiking, swimming etc. I started researching into fitness and training techniques when I was 16 and started to work on improving my own body. I've had many years of knowledge and experience in this industry and I want to use my knowledge to help others and as I always continue to learn as well. My style of personal training is all about making my clients feel good, flexible and stronger with beautiful flowing exercises that don't make you super sore the next day. I incorporate mediations within each session to help create that mind-body connection which is essential when achieving the results you desire.


 Throughout the past few years of consistently working out, I've always enjoyed protein bars. They're easy to take on the go and eat right after the gym so I can get protein in right away. However, I could never find a bar that has every nutrient and vitamin I needed for maximum energy levels so that's when I decided to create my own which turned into Sweet Green Queen! Most protein bars on the market only have one main source of nutrition, which is the protein, but there's so many more beneficial nutrients for energy, muscle growth and general health. I hired an FDA laboratory to produce my unique recipe and get this one of a kind protein bar out on the market! I launched Sweet Green Queen in November 2020 and they're now store shelves after being persistent and believing in the product I created! 

I hope you join me and the rest of this growing community! I want to inspire you to become the healthiest version of yourself, inside and out! I hope you LOVE mastering your own healthy lifestyle as much as I do!

xo Megan Masters