Meet the Creator of Masters Bolt

Hey! My name is Megan Masters. I’m the creator & owner of Masters Bolt, a high performance and healthy lifestyle focused company that helps people work towards becoming the Master of their life. I am an ISSA Certified Nutritionist, specializing in Fitness Nutrition!

The name of my brand is based off of my last name "Masters," and I've always loved lightning bolts because they're strong, bright and energetic. Those are also some of the characteristics of a Master so I put them together to create the name! My ultimate goal is to build an empire of Masters who are happy, healthy & strong individuals that work hard, have fun and chase their dreams!


Believe me when I say, I used to be the complete opposite of what a ‘Master’ is. Within the past decade, I struggled with finding positivity, body image, frequent anxiety, some bullying, and other major insecurity issues that took over my life. It not only negatively affected me, but my social relationships as well. Now after years of experimenting different types of eating, working out, healthy mindset habits, and high performance tactics, I’ve found what works extremely well for me and it keeps me motivated to push forward. Master-level performance and being healthy has become a lifestyle for me as well as putting positive impacts on my life. I still sometimes have moments when I’m feeling down or facing difficulties but hey, I’m human. I’ve just figured out how to move past those moments, incorporate my healthy habits and get back to reality.


While going through my struggling stage a couple years ago, a realization came to me one morning when I was journaling. I wrote my name down and really paid close attention to it for the first time in my life. “My last name is Masters. Wow, that’s powerful. If my name that I was born with is powerful, then why aren’t I living a powerful life? It’s in my blood to be a strong individual.” I thought. During that thought, I wrote all of this down in my journal and from that moment on I began to change and improve. I found my purpose and I want others to find what makes them feel like a ‘Master.’ I even wear a gold necklace that says ‘Masters’ as constant reminder to stay happy, healthy and strong!

I know in my heart that I was born with the last name ‘Masters’ for a reason. I believe it’s my purpose to be the Master of MY life and encourage others to do the same. I want to show you all how fun and amazing it is to live life like a Master! Happy, healthy, and continues to fight on no matter what!

Let’s all come together and Master our lives! I hope you LOVE all the Masters Bolt products as much as I do! 

xo Megan Masters, creator & owner of Masters Bolt